The Fancy Dress Tri Itinerary

At the Fancy Dress Tri there's loads going on over the weekend, and we don't want you missing out on the all important event briefing, or the change to check out stalls at the Expo before you put on your cape and mask!

So below is our handy guide to what's on and where, so you don't miss a thing. Please be aware that details are based on 2017 and 2018 details may change closer to the event.

Friday 29th June

Registration - 05.00pm – 8:00pm | The Ship Inn, Port Eynon

Saturday 30th June

Registration - 06.00am – 7:20am | The Ship Inn, Port Eynon

Transition Open - 6.30am – 7:30pm | Beach Front, Port Eynon

Mandatory Briefing - 8.15am | Beach Front, Port Eynon

Event Start Time - 8.30am | Beach Front, Port Eynon