Frequently Asked Questions

The Fancy Dress Tri - FAQ's

Please note - photographic identification will be required at registration. Athletes without this may not be registered by the start time of the event.

Q: Is there a minimum age to enter The Fancy Dress Tri?
A: Yes, minimum age to participate is 14
Q: How can I register for the event?
A: If you go to the registration page and enter online.  We do not accept paper entries.
Q: My details have changed but the online entry system keeps bringing up my old details.
A: Click ‘start a new registration’ at the bottom of the first page and this will allow you to enter new details.
Q: I want to enter different people from the same email address?
A: As above click ‘start a new registration’ at the bottom of the first page and this will allow you to enter new details.
Q: Can I enter a team?
A: Yes relays are a great way to get started in the sport of triathlon and relay teams are welcomed and encouraged.
Q: How do I know that I am in the race?
A: You will receive a confirmation email which you should print off and bring to the event.
Q: Will I receive my race number and timing chip in the post?
A: No all items that you will need for the event will be issued at registration.
Q: Do I need to go to the race briefing even if I am an experienced athlete.
A: Yes, critical information and any last minute changes will be conveyed at the race briefing.
Q: Do I have to wear a wetsuit and does it have to be triathlon specific?
A: Wetsuits are mandatory but you do not have to wear a tri specific one. Most people who are racing for the first time will use a surf wetsuit that they already have.
Q: Do I have to wear a swim hat?
A: Yes you do and for safety reasons you must wear the race issue hat. Failure to do so may result in you being disqualified.
Q: Do I have to use a racing bike for this event?
A: No, any bike can be used but you must make sure that it is in excellent working order. It is also compulsory to wear a helmet and remember to put your helmet on first before taking your bike from the racking and you must place your bike back on the racking before taking your helmet off, when you have finished the bike section of the race.
Q: Is my bike safe in transition and where do I put my bike?
A: As race organisers, we do everything that we can to make your equipment safe during the event but ultimately your equipment is left at your own risk. We do however provide a restricted transition area. You will be issued with a bike number in your goody bag which you must attach to your bike prior to racking it. You can rack your bike in any location, but please ensure that you keep your area neat and tidy to limit the disruption to other athletes. Your bib number and bike number must be shown when collecting your bike at the end of the race.
Q: Can I collect my bike as soon as I have finished?
A: To be fair to all athletes it will only be possible to collect your bike once all the athletes are in off the bike course.
Q: Will I receive lap bands on the run?
A: No it is the athlete’s responsibility to count t their own number of laps.
Q: What do I do if I fail to finish in the event?
A: You MUST report to a member of the finish line team so that we know that you are safe and accounted for.  Also it is important that we receive you timing chip back.
Q: Where can I find the results?
A: You can find the results on the event website shortly after the event.